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to you
Dear little raindrop,

You are phenomenal as you are able to grant tranquility and serenity.

You are mighty as you generate light for those in the darkness.

You are powerful as you wash away the sorrow and pain.

You are so precious to life as you nature the nature that is essential for survival for humans cannot breath without oxygen and above all, you are you.

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You matter. You are precious. You are human.
The sea will always be blue. The waves will always be here. Even if I’m kneeling, I will accompany you to walk down this road. 

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guess what i had for dessert today ^w^ ~?

匿名 ;: i remember that u mention that u play volleyball and won the finals but i noticed that ur height is 153cm, isn't that really short for a player since it's hard to reach,block, spike. i'm short too and i was hoping if you have any advice ;; the struggles of being short :-(

Ah, yes, you’re right. I am really short for an average player, usually the net is nearly twice my height and many people from other schools that my team and I verse have mocked me for my height. Personally, I don’t really care that I’m short, sure it’ll be nice to be taller since the ideal height is 165cm+ but there are many players out there who are short and are amazing players.

Don’t let your height dishearten you. 

My team doesn’t really assign positions but if I were to say my position then it’ll be outside hitter, however I can be the setter or libero if needed. I find it easy to reach any stray balls since I have quick reflexes due being short which helps with agility. I believe if you trust whoever is setting to you, you can slam that spike right across. Spiking is my favourite thing to do since my swing is strong and I’m able to jump for it easily. No matter what happens, jump with all your might and smack it down, if you doubt yourself then your resolve and morale will waver. Blocking is my major issue but I train my vertical jump whenever I have the chance which helps hugely. My average is around 45cm which I think is pretty great for blocking. I was previously a netball player and specialised in defence since I could jump and snatch the ball in the air so I think that gave me a solid foundation. I started volleyball at the beginning of the year and I was absolutely clueless and it applied for the rest of the team as well. We had no idea how to play, the rules and everything in between but now, 9 months later, together we won the winter grand finals and it was such a glorious moment. There were times that I wanted to give up, times where I thought “whats the point of playing when I can’t even reach the ball?” but I grew to love it. Now and again, my team teases me for being the shortest but so what? How I play is what makes me who I am as a volleyballer, not how I appear so fly.

Don’t let anyone hinder your path because they’re going to regret it when you shine so bright that it blinds them. Good luck!


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